Cyclamens and Swords Poetry Contest Reminder


Dear Cyclamens and Swords contributor,

This message is for those of you who entered our past contests as well as those of you who submit to our regular editions. The deadline for this year’s Cyclamens and Swords Poetry Contest is the 30th of November and we invite you as in previous years to give your choice poems a chance of winning some of the $450 prize money as well as publication in a handsome chapbook.

What to submit - This is an open contest for poetry of any style or theme. Your entry should be your own original work. You may submit the same poem(s) simultaneously to this contest and others and you may submit poems that have been published elsewhere, as long as you own the online publication rights. Only poems that have won cash prizes in other contests are excluded.

Entry fee - $5 for one poem, $10 for 3 poems, $15 for 6 poems.

Length - Not to exceed 30 lines length (excluding title and spaces between stanzas).

Prizes - First prize $300, second prize $100, third prize $50 and seven honorable mentions. Winning poems and honorable mentions will be published in our winter issue. A chapbook containing these poems will be published and presented to the winners in addition to their cash prize.

Judges – Ricky Rapoport Friesem, Helen Bar-Lev and Johnmichael Simon. We believe that our system of having three judges working independently and by then combining and averaging the three scores is the best and fairest way of giving every entry an unbiased chance of winning a prize. Poems, of course, are judged anonymously.

Deadline - November 30th.

Full guidelines at


...and of course we are still accepting submissions to our December issue…The Theme for our December Issue is HEALTH

Awaiting your poetry submissions on this subject

Short stories can be submitted on ANY SUBJECT

And of course, interesting and high quality artwork

Submit now. Early submissions stand a better chance of being published!

For submission guidelines, please go to:


Johnmichael Simon & Helen Bar-Lev, Editors









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