From Lime Trees to Eucalypts: A Botany of Tanka: Call for Submissions


The Special Features section of the Atlas Poetica (ATPO) website is seeking submissions for a collection “From Lime Trees to Eucalypts: A Botany of Tanka” to be edited by Angela Leuck.

The plant—flower, shrub or tree—referred to in the poem should invoke a strong sense of place, either where the poet lives or has traveled. Thus, poems about more common and widespread species will not be considered. Rather what is wanted are plants that are typically associated with a particular region, even if they are not well known outside that region. Each poem should be accompanied by the Latin name of the plant, as well as location. Poems must not have been previously published.

Submissions: Poets are invited to send up to three tanka, but only one, if selected, will be published, in keeping with the theme and format of the features on the Atlas Poetica website. Send to, with a subject line of ‘A Botany of Tanka.’

Before submitting, please go to  All the usual guidelines for Atlas Poetica apply. Potential contributors should familiarize themselves with the Special Features and the full ATPO guidelines.

Deadline: Deadline for submitting is August 1, 2011. The planned publication date is September 2011. Special Features are published on an irregular schedule.

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