Haiku Contest by Journal of Romanian-Japanese Cultural Interferences "HAIKU"


Up to 6 unpublished (5-7-5) haiku.

Deadline: March 31, 2011.

Send to

Stroe Constantin, Şoseaua Giurgiului nr.125, Bloc 4, Scara
1,Etaj 8, Ap.31, Sector 4, Bucureşti, Romānia

or to one of the following e- mail addresses:

Hand-written texts will not be accepted (print or type them, with correct diacritical symbols, and signed.them). Texts of foreign authors have to be written in English or
French, as well as in their mother tongue (preferably sent by e-mail, font Times New Roman, size 12).

The results of the competition will be published in the HAIKU Journal, Nr. 45 – I semester 2011, and prizes and diplomas will be sent to the winners by mail.









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