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The Haiku Foundation, as part of its mission to expand opportunities for writers of English-language haiku, created the HaikuNow! international contests in 2010. Prizes are awarded for English-language haiku in three categories: traditional, contemporary and innovative.

The HaikuNow! contest will run from January 6 to March 31, 2011. Results will be announced during April, National Poetry Month in the U.S., on this web site.

All entries must be submitted using the online forms that are available from the following pages:

Traditional Category, judged by Jane Hirchfield
Contemporary Category, judged by Jim Kacian
Innovative Category, judged by Jim Kacian

First-prize winners in each category will receive $100. Honorable mentions will receive $25. All winning poems will be featured on The Haiku Foundation web site and permanently archived.

Cost: Free

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