Cyclamens and Swords Publishing March 2011 Newsletter


Thursday, March 3, 2011 3:54 AM

From: "Helen Bar-Lev"

For our current issue, please see

Reminding you that this month we close submissions for our April-Spring edition. So hurry along and send us those poems and stories and artwork you’ve been saving for the last minute.

Our April 2011 edition will be a GENERAL issue

Poetry submissions are requested on ANY SUBJECT

Short stories on ANY SUBJECT.

And as always high quality artwork

For submission guidelines, please go to:


Results of the Cyclamens and Swords 2010 Poetry Contest


If you haven’t seen them yet, the results of our 2010 poetry contest are up on the website:

Our 2011 contest will open in July

What about that chapbook you’ve been thinking of publishing? We can help you.

And while you’re visiting us…
You can pop into our Bookshop and browse around:

Johnmichael Simon
Chief Editor

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Senior Editor









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