June 3-5, 2011 Downtown Bend Oregon First Friday June Art Walk

From an'ya:

Hello everyone, this is a Call for Submissions, kfor just one published haiku (with credits) or an unpublished haiku is also fine. Just your favorite haiku written to-date along with your name, city, state and country (and credits if previously published.)

Email anytime to an'ya at  with the subject heading HSA haiku Wall. The credits for will be are:

Published on the HSA "haiku Wall" exhibited in the historic Liberty Theatre Gallery at the Quarterly National Haiku Society of America Meeting in Bend, Oregon on June 3-5, 2011 and as part of the downtown Bend Oregon First Friday June Art Walk.

Please also help me pass the word even further along worldwide if you would. Our goal is 500 haiku but if we get even more, that would be fantastic! Full details about the whole event will be forthcoming at the HSA Website and the Haiku Oregon site within a couple of weeks. love ya . . . an'ya, HSA Oregon Regional Coordinator.









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