April 30, 2011 Jacar Press Anthology


Richard Krawiec sent this:

Jacar Press has a call out for poetry submissions. Our last anthology took haiku by a number of writers.

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2011 ...AND LOVE... anthology. Submissions accepted January 1 - April 30, 2011
We seek poems about love in all its manifestations. Poems about physical, spiritual, or familial love. Poems about relationships. Poems about pets and the environment. Anything having to do with love. Serious and humorous poems are welcome, as are poems which are heartfelt, but not sappy. The word 'love' does NOT have to appear in the poem. Previously published and simultaneously submitted are fine. No entry fee for one poem. $1 per page for additional poems. Email your poems to our address on the contact page.

If submitting more than 1 poem, send the fee in by check, or via the Paypal donation link.









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