Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award - Open Haiku Competition


In honour of the Croatian haijin and academic Vladimir Devidé who died last year, a haiku competition will take place in association with LibrAsia 2011 - The Asian Conference on Literature & Librarianship. Email submission. The winner and runner up will each receive the collected works of Matsuo Bashō. Deadline March 1, 2011. Extended to April 01, 2011.

From: Norman Darlington: January 10, 2011

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Norman Darlington


Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award - Open Haiku Competition


Despite a successful international academic career as a renowned mathematician, with professorships in Australia and the US, as well as his native Croatia at the University of Zagreb, it is primarily as a Japanologist and haiku poet that Vladimir Devidé is now remembered.

Devidé was not only one of the world's most celebrated haiku poets, but a tireless promoter of Japanese culture. If Croatia is now considered a Haiku "superpower", with more poets practicing the art per capita than any other nation, it is largely thanks to his efforts.

A full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Vladimir Devidé has won a number of awards and honours, including the Le Prix CIDALC (1977), the Prize of the City of Zagreb (1982), and for his work as a promoter of Japanese culture, the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure (1983).

Vladimir Devidé died in August 2010, and this competition pays tribute to his vision and passion for haiku.

In each eye
Of the child - Two eyes
Of a puppy



Who can submit?
Anyone may submit a haiku to this open competition.

What style of haiku do the judges prefer; traditional or modern?
The judges will consider each poem on its individual merits, and make no distinction between traditional and modern haiku.

How many submissions may I make?
We ask that you submit only one haiku.

In which language may I submit a haiku?
The language of the competition is English.

How can I submit?
If you are an academic attending the LibrAsia international conference, you may submit your haiku at the same time as your abstract on the online submissions system. These will of course be judged separately.

If you are not the author of a proposed abstract to LibrAsia, please send your submission by email

Subject Heading: Haiku competition

Please remember to include your name, address and contact details.

What is the deadline for submission?
All entries must be received by March 1, 2011.

Deadline (extended): April 1, 2011.

Who will judge my haiku?
The jury will be headed by His Excellency Dr. Drago Štambuk, Croatian Ambassador to Japan and the Republic of Korea, and noted poet.

When and where will the results be announced?
The winner of the Vladimir Devidé Award and the runner up prize will be formally announced at the LibrAsia conference in May 2011, and thereafter published on the conference website.

What are the prizes?
The winner and runners up, as well as those receiving commendation from the jury, will be published as a limited edition monograph. The winner and runner up will receive the collected works of Matsuo Bashō, and if present in Osaka at the time of the conference, will be invited to the conference to receive their prize.










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