Whirligig:  Reactions on the First issue


At the end of May 2010 the First issue of the new international haiku journal Whirligig was published. The reactions by readers were heartwarming, not to say enthusiastic. Below is a selection.

Whirligig presents Dutch language haiku with an English translation for haiku friends elsewhere and foreign language haiku with Dutch as well as English translations for haiku friends in the Dutch language area. Haibun and haiga will also be included. Whirligig will be published twice a year as a anthology, presenting poets and poems by means of old and new work. Every issue is produced as a book.

Whirligig #1 has 64 pages and because of the great response is now in reprint. And so it is still possible to subscribe or acquire a single copy. Details at the end of this mail – after the reactions!




It is a beautiful and interesting magazine, truly international (…) Congratulations! The quality of the poems is very high. A great pleasure to read. (Kaj Falkman - voorzitter Zweedse haikuvereniging)

Hearty congratulations with the first issue of Whirligig (…). Really a fine journal, I think, and enrichment for every haiku lover. (Johanna Kruit )

What a beautiful magazine (more of a book!) is Whirligig!! How I missed Kortheidshalve and Woodpecker and now Whirligig unites the best of what I found in those journals. (Ria Giskes-Pieters)

The magazine looks terrific. Along with the excellent poetry it has an interesting design. (Ludmilla Balabanova/Bulgarije)

Congratulations with the publication of Whirligig, it has become good-looking, but also very interesting journal! (Leidy de Boer, Dutch haiku journal Vuursteen editor)

Your first issue of Whirligig is fun to read and delightful to look at. (…) Congrats! (George Swede/Canada – frogpond editor)

Besides: congatulations with Whirligig! (…) For me a pleasant mix of familiar friends, now with a translation, and surprising new finds. (Hans Reddingius)

It’s just a random choice out of a dear posession that is suddenly handed over to me. I can’t wait for the next issue! (Pom Hoogstadt)

In my view the content really is a few steps above what we usually receive for consideration. (Bep Grootendorst)

Applause!! Applause!! The inside is as lovely as the cover. (…) It is so well put together and a delight to read. (Betty Kaplan/USA)

The day after I received I took Whirligig along in the train, 1st class! (…). My compliments to you and the other editors. I hope there will be a lot of subscribers. (Carla Mostert)

I rread your firstling with great pleasure. Good idea to include Van Schagen. He was one of my first loves iin short poetry. And how nice for you to have found that old text by Wim Lofvers? (Marian Poyck, Vuursteen editor)

I found it an improbably special journal. So surprising, broad, inspiring, challenging and supporting. The translations I found to be very strong, the international character delicious. (Roeland Schweitzer)


Subscription or single copy?


The price for a subscription (two issues a year), including postage (standard mail) is € 21,50 for subscribers in Europe and € 26,00 (or $ 35,00) for subscribers outside Europe.

Prices for a single copy, including postage, are € 12,50 for addresses within Europe and € 15,00 (or $ 20.00) for addresses outside Europe.

For subscriptions and orders

Max Verhart
email or
or by snail mail: Meester Spoermekerlaan 30, 5237 JZ ’s-Hertogenbosch.









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