Tracy McPherson, US



Free Verse


Her Prayer


as she turned away from the flowers
she had placed on his headstone
faithfully and in longing
every Sunday for fifty two years
To be fully and firmly ensconced in one good man's heart
and for that same man to be fully present in my life
and emotionally available
Here and Now
That's all,
No more No Less



Carolyn's Daughter


Carolyn's Daughter, Mylas' Child
I remember that Christmas
the baby Girl was just a few weeks old
We had a Christmas celebration there
I watched you and her mother looking at one another
the look on your face when I held your daughter
she was a beautiful child,
I wondered if you would ever hold her
We had agreed to not have children when we married
Now you had two outside of our marriage
Do you still wonder why I left?
Mele Kalikimaka



Livin' Without You


Some days it's hard livin' alone
not as hard as livin' with you
and being lonely









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