Shanna Baldwin Moore, US





filling out
medical forms
name, age, sex?
no...not for
a long while



getting to first base
on the first date
if you're gay...
you grab the bat
and make a home run



Free Verse


...and the devil dances


the dark door
of crystal meth
a turnstile
with no way back
the devil's cocktail
drinking his blood
to loose everything
dear to you...
no feelings
but the heat
of the devil's blood
beating in your brain
the light
of white lightening
in your eyes
searing all
staring into
a blue screen
seeing nothing...
and the devil dances



blue poison


The dark poet
always standing
outside the V.W.
I never saw
what he looked like
Jimmy's friend ...
on the dark side
of the street
all I saw was
the blue poison
racing through his veins
coming from the holes
he poked
in his arm
and nodding
to his own
dark warm

I hear he needs
a transplant now









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