Munia Khan, BG



Free Verse




Imagination has nothing to do with this sensitivity
It’s all about love
The act of speaking dissolves
in the state of talking
slurred with secret fervor
(as if a curved mark over musical notes to be indistinct)
A dreamy consonance
Like a sentinel of sedative symphony
stealing into my heart
through my ears door
An audible rapture
uttered by a mouth in love
Perceptible by my longings
regulating the unspeakable tone of desire
My senses severed
I am encircled by a mirthful soul ceremony
where the sound of affectionate consonants
and the tune of those passionate vowels
are becoming one
as one as we are
Yes, you are here
Into me
And I name you


Munia Khan, BG: Ekphrastic Free Verse: Distant Beholder









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