Sunil Uniyal, IN



Some Gems from Mirza Ghalib, IN


Translated from Urdu



This world to me is like a game that children play
Before my eyes a show goes on each night and day.


A union with the Beloved was not in my fate;
Had I lived longer, longer still would have been my wait!


Ghalib, when my life has been through such a rot,
May I well remember I too had a God!


My pain curries no favour with any potion,
Neither I am better nor in worse condition!


Even a task that looks easy
can prove to be a difficult thing;
Indeed, it's hard for any man
to be simply a human being!


You may go to meet my rival,
I shall leave that to you:
But tell me, will it be wrong
if you care for me, too?


The steed of life gallops ahead,
where it'll halt, who can predict?
No more the reins are in my hands,
no more the stirrups on my feet!


At the door and on the wall, Ghalib, the grass is growing;
I am drought-affected while my house enjoys the spring!


The dew takes its lesson of death from sun's radiance,
I too exist till I receive Thy gracious glance.


Where to seek the fun of life?
Love has revealed, for sure:
I have found the cure for pain
in pain without a cure!









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