Mark Dohle, US



Free Verse


To full color and joy


There can be pain in waiting,
times slows down and a numbness,
a lack of inner feeling can arise,
though it can be an inner gnawing
bringing to consciousness
how little we can control the simplest things.

It can be a hellish experience,
seeming to go on forever,
yet wait we must,
really nothing to be done.

Waiting for God is no different;
at least on the surface of things.

Inner restlessness along with the gnawing
and understated pain,
and colors drained or diluted
by shades of gray mixed in….
to seek release apart from waiting
allows the grayness
to become darker,
more demanding
for escape from an absurd moment,
which is believed and felt to be eternal.

Just sitting,
not fearing the inner tumult
experienced as nothingness,
is to open ones hands,
letting go,
allowing God’s fire
unfelt and unseen,
to bring the grey
and the absurdity,
to full color and joy.

Though in patience
it often has to be endured,
such is the desert experience
common as sand,
yet always new in its sameness.

To sit in faith and abandonment
is a choice and a deeper commitment
to continue the journey,
made in faith to that which calls us;
a death to the ego grasping,
pretending to be in control.

In the end,

Finding that the void
is filled with light,
and all the love we seek.









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