Josh D. Gross, US



Free Verse




A poet, dark
So much to say
Regrets of the life that slipped away

Longs, for forgiveness
Longs, for another chance
Long time passes

He hasn’t tried
He has not changed or has he?
He writes of despair

Poet passes

An empty notebook,
Of a poet who’s passed
So uncharacteristic
Pages torn out,
So characteristic

It tells its own story, no words to dictate flow

Same notebook, passed on to new hands
He will add his own spin
Dealt the same blank pages to fill
Same pad, different pen

He adds structure and a purpose
Makes empty pages full
Each and ev’ry word means something
They pour out from his soul



About Josh D. Gross, US


My name is Joshua D. Goss. I was born in central Illinois, in 1990. I live every day to grow closer to Christ. I am currently going to school at Eastern Illinois University, and hope to teach English someday soon. I have written a little throughout my life, but have never taken it quite as seriously as I have been recently. Earlier this year I was looking through a deceased poet’s old books and works. I found a composition notebook, and though I had hoped to find unpublished or unfinished work, I was surprised to see it empty. I have been working to fill up that empty notebook, and writing has become nearly therapeutic for me. It is my key to the world. I have so much I want to say to everyone, and not a sufficient platform to shout from. If one person reads my work, and gains something from it, I have accomplished everything I could have hoped for out of writing.

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