Gillena Cox, TT



Free Verse




We clamber quite ungainly across the rocks
The blue of the sea shimmering under the sun
This beach is stony with just a strip of sand

Finding just the right spot of luxurious shade
Under sea-grape trees of broad leaf foliage
Picnic cloths unfurl in bright colourful patterns

There are groups here, and groups over there
Groups of hats cluster around chatting heads
Straw hats, banded caps, and floppy cloth hats

Testing the water, toes edge, closer and closer
Till the soft watery sand, is trustingly accepted
New terrain for mermaids, and swimmers alike

The embracing water silently swirling, swirling
Gently rippling, gently rippling with the bathers
Who splash about after lengths of swimming

The lone tree in a graceful choreography of form
Bare of leaf clothed in wind and breezy drafts
Someone approaches, with towel in hand

"Come on in, the water is absolutely lovely"
The bathers urge on the one who dared
Approach the silent bare sylph, of dancer tree









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