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Eftichia Kapardeli was born in Athens and lives in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, haiku, essays, and novels. She participates in chorus as a soprano. She graduated from the journalism department at the A.K.E.M. (Athenian Center Vocational Education). She participates in many education seminars. She knows H/Y 7 programs, English and Italian, and classic Kithara. She was a guide for the Hellenic Girl Scouts. She is an active volunteer fire-woman and participates as an auditing student in the Department of Philology at the University of Patras. She has awards in Panhellenics competitive essays, topics, stories, novels, fables, and haiku. She takes earned recognition for her novel Secret March from D.E.E.L. and “Sikeliana 2006” from UNESCO. Her work is published in various magazines. Her first poetry collections are “Confindings of Secrets” and “Light.” She has one paper, “The Creek Civilication” in the University of Cyprus. She is a member in the World Poets Society (W.P.S.) at  and the International Writer’s Association (IWA).

Contact her at the following address: e-mail:!/profile.php?id=1377152190

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