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Ekphrastic Free Verse ~ O Roma

Bernard Gieske, US


Free Verse

O Roma

O Roma, O Roma!
Still under your spell
I remember you well
and all your aroma.

O potions of Chianti
Propelling my feet
O sweet dreams
Cobwebbing your streets

Where plazas and stradas are my delight
Spraying fountain lights quite a sight
Where ago and now dance about
At noon and with the moon yet shout

O Roma, O Roma
Mia Bella, Mia Bella

Where the then and now synchronize
With the foolish and the wise
Your size is a bit deceiving
With more and more I’m seeing

Siesting a love affair
At the Spanish Stairs
Pleasuring in happy amore
From overwhelming heat

O Bella, Bella Roma
You dream so well
Let me dream your dream
With all your aroma.




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