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Ekphrastic Couplets ~ Dancing on the Shore

Bernard Gieske, US Poet and Steve Hanks US Painter



Painting by Steve Hanks ~ Giclee on Canvas

Bernard Gieske, US


Dancing on the Shore

When the ocean water is at rest
Walking barefoot along its shore is at its best.
Deep within its depths abides its soul
From an inner core its secret is gradually told.

Tenaciously its siren tugs her toes
Slowly washing away all her woes.
In meditative wonder she slowly beholds
All that around her nature unfolds.

Her mirrored self glistens on the water.
As she unwinds in a whirl of prayer,
The edges of the tide swell into her every cell.
In mystery she feels herself converge under its spell.

As emanations begin to strum the strings of her esprit
She begins to sense the flow of nature’s melody.
A gentle breeze chimes in from the open sea
Lifting her up to break into a dance carefree.

She whirls and twirls with leg extended
Her being in new waves expanded.
Accepting nature’s proposal at hand
She continues to dance upon the sand.


About Steve Hanks

Steve Hanks was born into a military family in San Diego in 1949. His father was a highly decorated WWII Navy flyer. Hanks grew up playing tennis and surfing along the beaches of Southern California. “The ocean made a strong and lasting impression on me. It was good for the soul to be out in the water—surfing, swimming, or simply getting in touch with its mysterious power.”

The family was transferred to New Mexico when Steve was a junior. After high school he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco, earning excellent marks in commercial art and figure drawing. He transferred to the California College of Arts and Crafts, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.



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