July / August 31, 2012-43 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread




Announcing the July / August 31, 2012-43 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread

The theme of the July / August 31, 2012-43 haiku thread will be anything to do with "vegetable(s)" in the northern or southern hemisphere. It is not necessary to use the words "vegetable(s)" but the concept must be obvious.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: 
July / August 31, 2012 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread

Deadline: Midnight Friday, August 24, 2012


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All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at July / August 31, 2012-43 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choices from this thread for publication in the Friday, August 31, 2012-43 Sketchbook.

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Read the July / August 31, 2012-43 "vegetable(s)"  Haiku Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden


The following poets have contributed to the
July / August 31, 2012-43 "vegetable(s)
" Haiku Thread


Participants: Ramesh Anand, IN; Karin Anderson, AU; Danica Bartulović, CR; Marg Beverland, New Zealand; Dawn Bruce, Australia;  Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR; John Daleiden, US; Tracy Davidson, UK; Smajil Durmisevic, BA; Lois J. Funk, US; Bernard Gieske, US; Cara Holman, US; Anisoara Iordache, Romania; Harvey Jenkins, CA; Evica Kraljić, CR; Chen-ou Liu, Canada; Štefanija Ludvig, CR; Vladimir Ludvig, CR; Sandra Martyres, IN; Ljudmila Milena Mrsic, CR; Aju Mukhopadhyay, India; Karen O'Leary, US;  Pravat Kumar Padhy, India; Asim Kumar Paul, IN; Hema Ravi, IN; Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia; Vania Stefanova, BG; Gheorghe Postelinicu Stops RO;  Rachel Sutcliffe, UK; Angie Werren, US; Tad Wojnicki, US/TW


Countries:  Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Canada, Bulgaria, Croatia, India, Ireland, Romania, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

brinjal; brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot; eggplant; greens, mushroom; olives, onions, sprouts; vegetables; vegetable garden;

harvest moon
taproot of a carrot
shows up red

# 01. Ramesh Anand, IN

fruits, leafy and root
GREENPEACE fighters' lunch

# 02. Gheorghe Postelinicu Stops RO

two slightly bitter
olives in the dish...
he looks away

# 03. Vania Stefanova, BG

southern wind
he regrets
the brussels sprouts

# 04. Tracy Davidson, UK

market humming
gifts of Heaven—a delicious,
and mother begs

# 05. Smajil Durmisevic, BA

the last broccoli
from my garden
summer's end

# 06. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

the fragrant first cut
into a red onion

# 07. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

zucchini the size
of baseball bats
summer’s end

# 08. Cara Holman, US

Bloody Mary—
the taste improved with
red tomato

# 09. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

vegetable stew
she masks the taste
with chicken stock

# 10. Sandra Martyres, IN

warm caress
of an april morning...
sway of carrot tops

# 11. Dawn Bruce, Australia

red peppers
on a cold evening…
her love

# 12. Karen O'Leary, US

soaked or simmered
it sets my teeth on edge—
the bitter gourd

# 13. Tad Wojnicki, US/TW

winter mist
another bowl
of veggie soup

# 14. Chen-ou Liu, Canada

turning the earth
planting corn
a robin hops closer

# 15. Bernard Gieske, US 

Flower-looking cauliflower,
Its curry palatable tide,
As if brown prawn on dishes.

# 16. Asim Kumar Paul, IN 

slicing and dicing
parsnips for the beef stew
morning dew

# 17. John Daleiden, US

green vegetables
my mother smiles with
morning freshness

# 18. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

yellow melon
in the sky—
an old moon

# 19. Vania Stefanova, BG

To Zvonko
melons are the most tasty
he does not like watermelons

# 20. Evica Kraljić, CR

dinner party chill
a snap pea
cuts the silence

# 21. Karin Anderson, AU

picking tomatoes
off the leafy vines
her painted nails

# 22. Rachel Sutcliffe, UK

Toroidal breath:
vegetables exhibition—
the wine is quiet ...

# 23. Anisoara Iordache, Romania

a slice of melon
in the boy's mouth
melting moon

# 24. Danica Bartulović, CR

deserted garden—
drought disabled
her green thumb

# 25. Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

after peeling
all the layers of onion
which is the real?

# 26. Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

paper flutters
in pungent crosswinds
garlic’s breath

# 27. Karin Anderson, AU

in my garden—
sunset sets the tomatoes
on fire

# 28. Dan Iulian, Romania

stubborn drought
ready to pick
slow rosted tomatos

# 29. Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

harvest evening
for a brief moment the moon
joins the pumpkin patch

# 30. Harvey Jenkins, Canada

art class
children peeling brinjal
into penguins

# 31. Ramesh Anand, IN

spring wind
how onions
repeat on me

# 32. Tracy Davidson, UK

new year’s wishes
sprouts between the
concrete slabs

# 33. Ramesh Anand, IN.

digging up
my vegetable garden...
the twister

# 34. Tracy Davidson, UK

lingering heat
rainwater’s clarity
in a mushroom

# 35. Ramesh Anand, IN

summer picnic
eating up his greens
on the pizza

# 36. Tracy Davidson, UK

runner beans
the colour of
my cat's eyes

# 37. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

cabbage patch
on the compost heap
my old doll

# 38. Tracy Davidson, UK

wet summer
beans hang heavy
with rain

# 39. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

my daughter
watches the eggplant
waiting for eggs

# 40. Tracy Davidson, UK

after a deluge
raindrops cupped
in courgette flowers

# 41. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

our vegan caviar...
smell of garlic
under my nails

# 42. Vania Stefanova, BG

verdant rows of yellow blooms
taste of pumpkin soup

# 43. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

in my mouth
a raw, sweet flavor—
crispy carrot

# 44. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

the shiny skin
of peppers
rosy day

# 45. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

a tasty snack to the snail
and butterfly grub

# 46. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

harvesting carrots
the tiny fingers
of a baby

# 47. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

on my face
slices of green cucumber—
all for beauty

# 48. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

shelling peas
the pop of freedom
from each pod

# 49. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

gourmet delights—
in the pod five small peas
and a well fed worm

# 50. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

cutting back rhubarb
cupped in the stems
a blackbirds nest

# 51. Máire Morrissey-Cummins, IR

breath of July—
the scent of fresh carrots
served in a salad

# 52. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

farmer’s market
a ladybug crawls
out of the lettuce

# 53. Cara Holman, US

from the blender
green vitamin juices—
keeping fit

# 54. Vladimir Ludvig, CRh

the color
of the twilit sky

# 55. Cara Holman, US

a caterpillar
peeps out of the broccoli
screams follow

# 56. Sandra Martyres, IN

getting acquainted
the tender heart
of an artichoke

# 57. Cara Holman, US

asparagus soup
chef's own delicacy
remains untouched

# 58. Sandra Martyres, IN

heart scare...
from this day forward
year of the vegetable

#59. Dawn Bruce, Australia

says the cauliflower
to the over-size cabbage—
you need to lose weight

# 60. Sandra Martyres, IN

it is not lipstick:
she is just eating
boiled beetroots.

# 61. Sandra Martyres, IN

power juices
the vendor's
dispigmented skin

# 62. Tad Wojnicki, US/TW

he is a vegan,
animal products are out.
he'd rather eat grass.

# 63. Sandra Martyres, IN

they sit close
to each other
two peas in a pod

# 64. Sandra Martyres, IN

the sun
breaks through clouds...
first pickings

# 65. Dawn Bruce, Australia

tomato puree
her standard curry sauce
Gran never changes

# 66. Sandra Martyres, IN

still life...
the row of pumpkins
on a tin roof

# 67. Dawn Bruce, Australia

red chilly peppers,
to garnish his dish
my tongue's on fire!

# 68. Sandra Martyres, IN

new coolness
we pick the last
of the crop

# 69. Dawn Bruce, Australia

carrots and parsnips:
set in a salad bowl
his diet lunch.

# 70. Sandra Martyres, IN

"Not bok choy,"
she says, "It's
the spoon vegetable."

# 71. Tad Wojnicki, US/TW

veggie dumplings...
I wrap myself
in her scent

# 72. Chen-ou Liu, Canada

in prayer
all that remains unsaid
sprouting beans

# 73. Chen-ou Liu, Canada

spring onions
decorate his salad
a dainty dish

# 74.  Sandra Martyres, IN

long sunny day
the sunflower
bows its head

# 75. Bernard Gieske, US

black beans in gravy
perhaps I'll skip dinner

# 76. Sandra Martyres, IN

in the cornfield
half hidden in the fog
early visitors

# 77. Bernard Gieske, US

In its long form, red,
With all the hot taste in spicy cooking,
Food to food.

# 78. Asim Kumar Paul, IN

his favorite
vegetable soup
no brocholi

# 79. Bernard Gieske, US 

Green leaves within,
Like onion, form of leafy wheels,
Our food and curry.

# 80. Asim Kumar Paul, IN

from bean leaf to bean leaf
looping caterpillar
space walker

# 81. Bernard Gieske, US

Mostly round, grey vine,
It offers presence in all cooked dreams,
Grown in all soils.

# 82. Asim Kumar Paul, IN

behind the scarecrow
a murder of crows
ganging up

# 83. Bernard Gieske, US 

glowing sun
on ripe tomatoes—
her tender cheeks

# 84. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

its green──darker than
Irish grass

# 85. Bernard Gieske, US

newly wed—
she picks up her favorite
ladies fingers

# 86. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

from the corn field
thunder clap
cloud of crows

# 87. Bernard Gieske, US

winter morning
market crowded with
green faces

# 88. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

yellow melon
in the sky—
an old moon

# 89. Vania Stefanova, BG

early sun—
the wind caresses
plantain flowers

# 90. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India


beet wine
grandma’s giggles dance
in my heart

# 91. Karen O'Leary, US

hawker’s proud—
the seasonal flavor
on the street

# 92. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India.

ripe watermelon
cracking like the dawn
the sweet fragrance…

# 93. Evica Kraljić, CR

mist of clouds—
garden of vegetables
tenderly refrigerated

# 94. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India


boiled beetroot
in see-through jars
waiting for the winter

# 95. Evica Kraljić, CR

kids spread colors on
earthen pumpkins

# 96. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

godly dinner
for the palate

# 97. Evica Kraljić, CR

winter soup—
the spinaches with
cluster beans

# 98. Pravat Kumar Padhy, India

green beans—
I'll make a salad
with garlic

# 99. Evica Kraljić, CR

vegetable soup day
the cold homeless queue
tasting the steam

# 100. Karin Anderson, AU

carrot vitamins
a plate of soup

# 101. Evica Kraljić, CR

lettuce spinner
my granddaughter gasps
at pink frilled skirts

# 102. Karin Anderson, AU

I fill the glass jars
with small cucumbers—
great pleasure

# 103. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

rat stripped corn
raped silk hair
kinks to tailwinds

# 104. Karin Anderson, AU

full garden of
heart shaped tomatoes—
summer love

# 105. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

a thin lentil soup
boiled vegetables and rice
prisoner's food

# 106. Sandra Martyres, IN

rhapsody flavour—
a mix of pumpkin,soy, eggs
and cheese on the steak

# 107. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

shredded cabbage
caterpillar wriggles-bathed
in salad dressing

# 108. Sandra Martyres, IN

fresh beetroot salad—
with olive oil and no salt
for my sweet man

# 109. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

his dream meal
a bunch of juicy carrots
the hungry rabbit

# 110. Sandra Martyres, IN

cold tomato juice
served in a crystal glass—
joy for tongue taste buds

# 111. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

fresh mint and basil
to flavour his soup
chef's special treat!

# 112. Sandra Martyres, IN

a rotund debate
watermelons gift fruits
and vegetables

# 113. Karin Anderson, AU.

cucumber slices
a natural remedy
for tired eyes

# 114. Sandra Martyres, IN

heaven’s gold gates
burst open
mother’s pumpkin pie

# 115. Karin Anderson, AU

he dines on beans
hopes to scale the bean stalk
his name is Jack

# 116. Sandra Martyres, IN

bell peppers
gold purple red hues
chime in summer

# 117. Karin Anderson, AU

just a tiny pea
can leave her sleepless
she is a princess

# 118. Sandra Martyres, IN

summer love’s slice
we bite watermelon
flesh together

# 119. Karin Anderson, AU

roast duck
on a bed of peas
birthday treat

# 120. Sandra Martyres, IN

cabbage head
having a headache

# 121. Danica Bartulović, CR

new wonder drug
medical discovery
ginger extract

# 122. Sandra Martyres, IN

hot sun
red with passion
the tomato

# 123. Danica Bartulović, CR

baked beans on toast
his standard breakfast
fried eggs on feast days

# 124. Sandra Martyres, IN.

as per doctor's advice
full of water

# 125. Danica Bartulović, CR

summer game—
a rainbow on my carrots
and I with a hose

# 126. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

protesting carrot
so uncomfortable
in this dry soil

# 127. Danica Bartulović, CR

two butterflies flutter
over the cabbage field—
flying sex

# 128. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

on the train—
corn tassels peer
from the mist

# 129. Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

our garden green beans
became dry yellow pods—
lack of water

# 130. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

picking hot peppers—
from those tiny white flowers
so much sharpness?

# 131. Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

in our stainless bowl
a lot of potato chips—
TV movie on

# 132. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

king of
vegetables keeps you sound;
potato alone

# 133. Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

horse whinny—
seeing a reward carrot
for the fast trot

# 134. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

in everything
like soup salad and curry
cabbage is

# 135. Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

red harmony—
tomatoes above the ground
radishes below the soil

# 136. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

male gardener’s grin
rhubarbs’ lurid legs
dance the can can

# 137. Karin Anderson, AU

tasty bean in
a juicy sauce—
bad final odor

# 138. Štefanija Ludvig, CR

fun filled breakfast
bubble and squeak
romp in the frypan

# 139. Karin Anderson, AU

yellow pumpkins—
the most delicious food
for pigs

# 140. Vladimir Ludvig, CR 

a Thai art:
intricate vegetable

#141. Sandra Martyres, IN

my mosquito bite
smeared with a slice of onion

pain relief

# 142. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

stir fried veggies
with glutinous rice
he needs chopsticks

# 143. Sandra Martyres, IN

pumpkin blossom—
a tiny bee seeking pollen
in the sunny flower

# 144. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

wind of may—
a bean tendril wraps
around sunshine

 142.  Dan Iulian, Romania#

irresistible meal—
three deer in the cornfield
scare a bunny

# 143. Vladimir Ludvig, CR

pumpkins everywhere
no dearth of carriages
for Cinderella

# 147. Sandra Martyres, IN

this year again
those incredible
neighbour's cucumbers

# 148. Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

day moon—
cutting pumpkin
for soup

# 149. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

planning supper
a flock of black birds
circle the corn field

# 150. Harvey Jenkins, Canada

felled pines—
scattering pumpkin seed
by moonlight

# 151. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

peppers in bushes
lettuce in heads

# 152. Ljudmila Milena Mrsic, Croatia

long rod
banded by sticky leaves
hung green beans

# 153. Ljudmila Milena Mrsic, Croatia

slicing onions
the whine
of a concrete cutter

# 154. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

garden fence
in leaf and flower
neighbour's cucumbers

# 155. Ljudmila Milena Mrsic, Croatia

home from Japan . . .
the pumpkins ready
to harvest

# 156. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

evening stroll
honeybees a-buzz inside
closed pumpkin blossoms

# 157. Lois J. Funk, US

the garden hose
sprinkles sunlight . . .
the scent of basil

# 158. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

strong tobacco smell—
fermenting pumpkin vines
in the muddy field

# 159. Lois J. Funk, US

red bean seeds
next summer

# 160. Marg Beverland, New Zealand

broken pumpkin shell
jack-o’-lantern dream

# 161. Lois J. Funk, US

new red potatoes
I boil water
in the same old pan

# 162. Angie Werren, US

cantaloupe patch
this morning’s best pick
chewed through by the cat

# 163. Lois J. Funk, US

wind in the corn—
a scarecrow waves
to no one

# 164. Angie Werren, US

planting time
a sweet potato vine creeps
from my veggie bin

# 165. Lois J. Funk, US 

pumpkin seeds
my roasted night snack—
harvest moon

# 166. John Daleiden

last week of August
broken pumpkin shells
dot the highway

# 167. Lois J. Funk, US

# 168.

morning freshness...
pole beans
ready for harvest

# 169. Hema Ravi, India

# 170.

# 171.

# 172.

# 173.

# 174.

the children
chew fresh rhubarb stalks—
autumn day

# 157. John Daleiden, US


cucumber sandwiches
served with hot spiced tea—
leaves in autumn winds

# 159. John Daleiden, US


seamed asparagus
tasty in hollandaise sauce—
autumn night gourmet

# 152. John Daleiden


# 178.


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# 267.


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