Vassilis Comporozos, Greece




Short Haiku Wanderings


Door shut. Music ceased.
The air’s still and wet, like tears
before breaking out.


Pen empty of ink.
Page empty of poems. Outside
shower of pollen.


Dull hospital ward.
White doves on the balcony.
Τhe patient’s smiling.


The howl of the wind.
Leaves drifted along like dreams
carried to their graves.


Young withered flowers
in the pots. Water glistening
in the watering can.


Dawn bathed in clear rain.
Dry earth blooms anew like souls
seeking eternity.


Big killer bumblebee
now dead. Its wings just a toy
in the hands of ants.


A small butterfly
I thought I saw in the snow.
Illusions of summer.


The downpour has stopped.
Water-drops pour off the branches
like incessant tears.


The fly on the web.
The hands that crushed the spider.
The dreams that escaped.





Flower on the street
by the cars. Its name I don’t
know. It needs water

like this poem that found a crack
to creep through my mind’s barren street.

Happy solitude.
Waterfall of dreams crashing
upon my heart's gates.

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About Vassilis Comporozos, GR


Hi, my name is Vassilis Comporozos. I' m from Greece. An EFL teacher and translator, I also love reading and writing (mostly poetry) . I have published three poetry collections in Greek so far and taken part in three poetry anthologies as well. I have won some poetry prizes. I have had poems published in some Greek literary magazines and in some Greek and English websites ( and, too . I can speak Italian and love Latin too. I have also written and put on stage with my students, some verse (humorous, I hope!) fairy tales. I adore English which I find the ideal vehicle for one of my new passions, haikus and tankas. My other passion now is Middle English literature.

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