Rachel Sutcliffe, US






through the window
the sun strokes my face
as I sleep


early summer
the clinking of milk bottles
shatters dawn silence



saving my screen
their rosy young faces
smile at me



over shoulders
I read the headlines
on the train



late at night
noisy circuit training
my hamster



the candle burns
in the hearth



ninetieth birthday
celebrating with



after the rain
sunlight sparkles
in pools underfoot



early dusk
naked branches silhouette
a rosy sky



multicoloured bells
dance in the spring breeze
tulips in full bloom



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About Rachel Sutcliffe, US


As a child I had a great imagination and loved story writing. For a while my creative writing took a back seat as I discovered the joys of foreign languages and spent 2 years teaching abroad. Personal circumstances have led me to focus on my writing again. I am an active member of a writing group and have my own blog @

I have also had the pleasure of seeing many of my poems and short stories published in various anthologies, journals and newsletters including Forward Press publications, thefirstcut, the Static Movement anthologies, Every Day Poets, Shamrock (Irish Haiku Society) and Lynx (AHA Poetry).

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