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Her heart, a newly-shattered ruin,
Expels crumpled corpuscles just
As a crystal curio spews glass when
Riven by hammerous blows.
Teardrop shards
Betray her pain,
Reflect her inner desolation.
Only by husbanding each sliver and
Kindling love’s flame anew can I meld, recast,
Enfold the molten form, and then
Negotiate the stresses of annealing.





Summer's Slide


slides steadily
towards autumn again;
flowers drop their heads as fall makes
its bed.



Autumn's Prophesy


paints the leaves on
nodding trees to warn us
that nothing escapes winter’s chill



About Craig W. Steele, US

Craig W. Steele is a writer and university biologist whose creative musings occur in the urban countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania where he writes for both children and adults. His adult poetry has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Willows Wept Review, The Edge Magazine, WestWard Quarterly, Caduceus, Astropoetica, the Aurorean and elsewhere.

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