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Ekphrastic Sonnet On Brāncuşi’s Sculpture

Cristian Mocanu, RO

Bird in Space


Are you a bird indeed or just a feather?
Are you a pars pro toto for the sage?
Are you the victim of inclement weather?
The only wonder given to our age?

Maybe you’re just the metaphor of writing,
The only art that tames all depths and heights
Of human heart; the quill, with every sighting
Of the soul’s phases, channels Wisdom’s lights.

A feather that belonged to St.John’s eagle
Would be enough to point to the divine.
The feather from the wing of a bronze seagull
Would mourn two wax wings swallowed by the brine.

Or were you, bird which earthly things so spurned,
Sucked up thus by the sky for which you yearned?


Bird in Space in the New National Gallery in Berlin, Germany (Wikipedia).


Bird in Space (L'Oiseau dans l'espace) is a series of sculptures by Constantin Brāncuşi, a Romanian sculptor. The original work was created in 1923. It was sold in 2005 for $27.5 million, at the time a record for a sculpture sold in an auction. The original title in Romanian is "Pasărea īn văzduh" (from Wikipedia).




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