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Ekphrastic Free Verse ~ The Stalker

Karin Anderson, AU



I would like to dedicate this poem to Ben Gieske as Ben used the word “Stalker” as a title in one of his poems and it gave me an instant fright. Ben has allowed me to use it as a title too! In 2009 in Adelaide, Australia, we had an unbearable heat wave with the loss of many lives. Please read the message at the beginning of the video.



The Stalker


You are the outrageous red umbrella
sunk in fool’s perilous yellow quicksand.
Gulls lean cries to the tide’s futile freeze-off
as I test the brine of my body’s bake.
Blue bottles hide in snide-sultry shallows
a sting away from bare-terror toes as
undercurrents tug-of-war surrender.

I am the thumps of lorikeet's pink breast
plastered with lumps of ghostly white sunscreen;
the orange sun hat clutching my scorched head
as crawling spots now cancer-eat my cheeks.
My strained eyes peer as I sear from sand's bites
with death's daze of driftwood’s grotesque figures
dragged into sea by wild and willful waves.

Once my scarlet lover you fully fuelled
my spirit, I swam with you, as you cooled
the thirst of Sturt Desert Pea’s red flowers
etched on my swimsuit, as soft Kangaroo
Paw flowers floated in your waiting warmth,
my calm arms breast stroking for you, with you.
Now you are hell’s fire, the older we are
the sooner we all die, for you - the SUN

The global warming STALKER.

Previously published on Poetfreak

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