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Ekphrastic Rhymed Couplets ~ She Wind

Bernard Gieske, US Poet and Audrey Kawasaki, US Painter


She Wind oil and graphite on wood panel 16"x16" by Audrey Kawasaki


She Wind

The desert fills men’s heart with visions.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

In the desert the She Wind blows
I welcome her whenever she comes and goes

In the heat of the day she stays away
Then at dusk she silently comes my way

She brushes my cheeks as if to say
For only awhile can I stay

It’s the language of the desert she teaches me now
It’s the language of the world I yearn to know

She writes her lines strong and bold in the sand
I trace her lines strong and bold with my hand

In her eyes I see all that in her glows
Deep within her a raging fire flows

She fills me with visions a lifelong to live
Wonderful treasures to others a lifelong to give

Free and independent she comes and goes
In the desert the She Wind blows

About Audrey Kawasaki, US

Audrey Kawasaki (born March 31, 1982 in Los Angeles, California) is a Los Angeles-based painter, known for her distinctive, erotically charged portrayals of young, adolescent women. Her works are oil paintings painted directly onto wood panels, and her style has been described as a fusion of Art Nouveau and Japanese manga.

Kawasaki studied fine art painting for two years at the Pratt Institute in New York City, but left after two years without completing her degree. She cites the emphasis in the New York art scene on conceptual art, an approach at odds with her figurative, illustrative style, as among the reasons she left. As of 2006, Kawasaki is considered a rising star in the Los Angeles art scene. In 2005, Kawasaki designed the cover art for Alice Smith's For Lovers, Dreamers & Me. In 2011, singer Christina Perri was tattooed with Kawasaki's painting, "My Dishonest Heart", by Kat Von D on an episode of LA Ink (Wikipedia: "Audrey Kawasaki).

Audrey Kawasaki website.




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