Unmetered Rhyming Couplets




Munia Khan, BD


My Dreams


Dreaming my mind, I open my dreams
My reverse realities chase the screams
My mind now dreams along with my heart
Where I fall asleep, yet I’m on the alert
There I take my paper to write down with my pen.
Before I say my prayer, I say ‘Amen’!
I lay on the stairs; I count my steps on the floor
Closing the glass, I start breaking the door
There I drink the food and eat my water
I shiver in cold when I feel so hot
Into the silver tea I pour my green cup
I taste it all before I start to sup
I listen with my eyes; I watch with my ears
I feel a smile on my face when I look so fierce
Without being famous, I enjoy the fame
Uttering the ring, there I wear his name
Sitting on my laptop, I type on the chair
I listen to his poetry, read his music in the air.
I touch his voice with my finger tips
I inhale his whisper with my eager lips
Staring at his words, there I read his image
I’m getting lost into my dreamy maze.
Driving the road, I go down the car
I go to buy chocolate from a nearby bar.
I hear the tunes of piano from a nice guitar
Then I drive towards the moon as it’s not so far.
My eyes upon the window as I stand by the moon
Into my state of dreams this is how I croon
Thus to keep on dreaming I still am able
Wish my dreams were never irreversible









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