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Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall



The Gingezel Series

Twelve years in the making, the Gingezel series is cozy science fiction written by scientists. This series will appeal to the reader who is looking for real characters to get involved with and a complex plot line that evolves throughout the series. There is a tendency to end each novel as a cliff hanger. So, the series will not appeal to the reader looking for a taut violent thriller where the plot is contained within each book.

Gingezel 1: The Limit: Published as an ebook at these businesses:

The Apple iTunes Book Store, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobo; Smashwords--Most formats available internationally here.  Sony

ISBN 978-1-4657-9841-1
Words 141381

There is a fine line between pushing the limits of technology and pushing your luck. Some people think Dr. Mitra Kael, power systems engineer, crossed that line with her new hybrid reactor installed on the remote mining planet Drezvir. All Mitra wants to do is never see Drezvir again. She’s headed for vacation on the pleasure planet Gingezel. How much was she pushing her luck? Cozy scifi.

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Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse. Published as an ebook at these businesses: Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobo Smashwords--Most formats available internationally here.  Sony

ISBN 978-1-4661-1358-9
Words 176799

It is always a mistake to say things can’t get worse. Dr.Mitra Kael is headed back to Drezvir. Dr. Durstin Fallor, Chief Power Engineer on Drezvir, is struggling to save the mining colony in a red blizzard that just won’t quit. Dr. Dreen Pendi, CEO of Nemizcan Computing, thinks losing Mitra is a disaster until he hears the news from his friends who are lost in their personal hells. Chett Linderson, VP of Field Operations at Nemizcan, is the wild card in this hand. When things go from bad to worse, does he have the strength to give up everything he has dreamed of and play the hero?

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