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Snow and Voices Activities


Hello all,

I am sitting here at my desk on a very cold, snowy night, this last day of February with Beethoven’s Spring Sonata playing on our classical music station, The Voice of Music. Snow is unusual here in Israel though we can have a day or two a year; we have not had any snow in the past three years.

Voices Israel has been so active lately I don’t know where to begin. A workshop was held in Haifa on 19 January at the home of Wendy and David Blumfield. It was stimulating, creative and the homemade food everyone brought, delicious.  will take you to the workshop with photos and some of the poems written there. My favourite was Hiawatha and The New World Symphony presented by Wendy Blumfield (our president, but you know that by now, right?) who played the New World Symphony as we wrote poems in trochaic tetrameter based on the epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Song of Hiawatha. It was great fun.

On 17th March some Voices members from the north will be reading their poems in Carmiel.

On 22nd March the AGM will take place in Tel-Aviv, followed by the presentation of the Reuben Rose Prizes.

Another workshop is planned in May in the Jerusalem area, and on it goes. In the meantime we are gaining more members all the time, and this is very rewarding.

On Sunday 19 February, in NYC, Stanley Barkan (see interview) of Cross-Cultural Communications and a Voices member, held a launch for the 2011 Voices Israel Anthology – it was a grand event with entertainment, refreshments, an art exhibition and good feelings. About 40 people attended. We’ll have photos shortly which will be posted on the Voices Israel website.

Be well all,



Free Verse




I am humbled
by the thunder
by the night in starry splendour
by the glow of winter’s rainbow
the fragrance of a flower
the power of a poem
the warmth of a comforter
a hand on my shoulder
the comfort of your presence
the smile of a grandchild

I bow my head
in the wonder of surrender


Helen Bar-Lev: Contributing Editor: Interview with Stanley H. Barkan



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