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Karin Anderson, AU

Two Ekphrastic Sonnets ~ The Love Letters

Her Love Letter


My view of you is one of polished art,
With seeds far swept in roundels of the globe.
Yet, flowers bleed hues in my hurting heart,
As winds of change splice nature’s regal robe.
Yesterday the mending thread twisted knots,
As sphere’s melodies now spin out of tune,
Yet, Mother Nature sings through bruised cloud blots,
Dulcet-gold-peace songs from a waxing moon.
Balancing shadows she weaves threads in skies,
“If Ever You Should Leave Me” lyrics play,
Where countless galaxies stream my love’s sighs
As from ebony, white light beams the way.
Natures miraculous loom‘s here for you,
So I’ll weave love’s tapestry with you too!

"If Ever I Should Leave you." Video by New Oceanflower

His Love Letter


My polished art is alas writer’s block,
Its seeds the words I humbly yearn to say.
Yet, flowers lift the sunshine of my clock,
To wind-bring me your billowed negligee.
In my robe-de-chambre I catch knots’ twists,
To bow tie sphere’s descants with gold rush chord;
Find Mother’s Nature songs in cleared cloud mists,
So divine love may break through and reward
Our hearts; your hair’s knots fly filoselle gold;
"If Ever You Should Leave Me" lyrics sing,
To galaxies where medleys know I’ll hold
Brave breath, for piano’s pearl keys to spin
Me to Mother Nature’s loom, for my view
is our portrait where love brocades with you!




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