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Ekphrastic Free Verse Collaborative

Bernard Gieske, US Poet and Roger Reutimann, US Sculptor


                 "CONTEMPLATION"                                               Detail                      

by Roger Reutimann: Bronze edition of 9,2008: 44" x 8" x 14"
Mounted on 2" x 15" x 15" round black granite base


The Primal Urge


The sea, once it casts its spell,
Holds one in its net of wonder forever.

~Jacque-Yves Cousteau


standing on the beach
waves lapping at his feet
enraptured by the scene
of the day’s parting sun
he pauses at water’s edge
eyes the distant horizon
where destiny and dreams meet

step by step he wades into the water
slicing smoothly into the waves
releasing his body to gravity
plunging headlong into the inviting water
sheating him like a skin suit
that knew him from ages before

stroke by stroke, arm by arm’s length
he stretches out into a smooth glide
his heartbeat mirrors the deep-sea pulse
glistening droplets stream across his rippling muscles
salty water peels away the layered years
leaving behind islands of memory

no questioning this urge so primal
home is the sea with the mother of ages
the quest now begun is only onward, ever onward
to the beginning of the fifth dimension
where infinity and delirium rule


 Roger Reutimann was born in 1961 and raised in Switzerland. He started painting and sculpting at an early age, but earned his first recognition as a classically trained concert pianist in his teens, winning numerous competitions.

After graduating from the Art Academy of Zurich, Reutimann spent several years organizing art fairs in Zurich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. He moved to Boulder Colorado and in 1996 began working as a professional sculptor, which he describes as the realization of ‘a lifelong passion’.

Social issues and cultural scrutiny are constant sources of inspiration for Reutimann, who writes: ‘art lets me communicate an idea on a deeper, emotional level’. Mastery of technique and style facilitate the process, he admits, but that which he refers to as the soul of the piece, its meaning, is his primary concern.

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