Experimental Forms ~ Syllabic Verse*




Brian Strand, UK


Silver Anniversary


In a bleak mid-winter
just twenty-five years ago
a stranger I came to know,
this peace began to show.
In a bleak mid-winter
Jesus I came to know,
some twenty-five years ago,
shalom began to glow.
Free to be, the real me
sensitivity to show,
mid-winter, twenty-five years ago


Author notes:

Inspired by my favourite carol by Christina Rossetti Christmas Greetings.

Marianne Moore's syllabic verse* have stanzas with a pre-determined number of syllables; indentation underlines parallels; shape indicates syllabic disposition, and use of thyme. A stanza is often a single sentence and the stanza is often her unit of sense.

Silver Anniversary" is my version in tribute to this form--Marianne Moore's syllabic verse.

~Brian Strand, UK









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