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Poets in the November / December 31, Sketchbook

Sketchbook ~ Acrostic

Dedicated to Karina Klesko, John Daleiden and all the writers
that contribute to Sketchbook


Short forms flow from gifted pens
Kindred-spirits unite in verse
Eden for growth in the art of words
Treasures gathered from across the world
Creative voices blend in song
Haven for all to read along
Between the lines, room for thoughts
Outpouring from poetic hearts
One community where many share
Keeping poetry alive year after year


an'ya, US
Karin Anderson, AU
*Lynette Arden, AU
RD Armstrong, US
Helen Bar-Lev, IL
Danica Bartulovic, CR
Richard Biscayart, US
*Matthew Caretti, US
John Daleiden, US
Tatjana Debeljacki, CR
Joseph Farley, US
Bernard Gieske, US
Jan Oskar Hansen, PT
Elizabeth Howard, US
Munia Khan, BD
John Kinory, UK (England)
Karina Klesko, US
Chen-ou Liu, CA
Tomislav Maretić, CR
Tracy McPherson, US
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO
Georgi Milev, BG
Karen O'Leary, US
Norman J. Olson, US
Shanna Baldwin Moore, US
Iolanda Scripca, US
Zvi A. Sesling, IL
Vania Stefanova, BG
Brian Strand, UK
Charles D. Tarlton, US
Sunil Uniyal, IN
Neal Whitman, US


* Indicates first appearance in Sketchbook

*Lynette Arden, AU; Matthew Caretti, US









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