Chen-ou Liu, CA





after visiting
the mind of grade one
I bend time
in my direction
again become a child



your poems
stab into my heart
I lie down
covered with blankets
at high noon



embraced by
the ancient echoes
of poetry
I come wholeheartedly
in search of its scent



I want to...
in the darkest of the night
my desk is stuffed
with crumpled balls of writing
all holding the same line



long holiday
I keep my eyes on the road
she measures
the distance between us
by the number of rest stops



from last night's dream
fall and pile up
blurring the boundary
between my present and her future



I plan to write
one thousand and one love poems
for you
yet in a cheap motel room
the power goes on and off



in my mind
there is a kind of fighting
I will not stop

on the attic window
the pitter patter of rain



loneliness persists
in its singing

with a net of words
I catch the night
and nail it to the ceiling



I sleep
on the couch she bought for me
if there was a full moon
on our first night together



go back
where you came from
Nostalgia screams

one kick after another
I see Bruce Lee in the mirror

Note: Bruce Lee (27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was a Chinese American actor, and he is highly regarded by many commentators and fans as the most influential martial artist of modern times.









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