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Ekphratsic  Free Verse ~ Wild Fire

Bernard Gieske, US Poet

Connie Bransilver, US Photographer



Wild Fire


                                I looked
                                               and didn’t find it in your eyes
                     that passion
                                          we all long for
                                                        that fire eternal that burns somewhere
but not here
           where I could grasp it
                                         hold it
                                                  let it
                                                        consume my inner being

I would willingly give over to it
            -- -- -- but even these strands hold my going or its coming

so here I am
             on the outer side
                            not able to turn my eyes aside

              maybe I’m not quite ready
              maybe there’s still time

                              Is this the way hope always feels?
                    Is passion only temporary ...... only an earthly desire?
                                            a torment to be endured?

Why does my soul want its own life — without me?

June 12, 2011


Connie Bransilver

Internationally known nature photographer, artist, author and speaker, Connie Bransilver, has photographed on all seven continents. She brings images and inspirational prose to audiences seeking clarity, passion and purpose. Wild Love Affair: Essence of Florida’s Native Orchids, and Florida’s Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps, offer personal and spiritual explorations of wilderness along with sound scientific analysis. She is published widely in local, national and international books and magazines, she has co-produced a Wild Chronicles television segment with National Geographic, and she has appeared on numerous television shows in the US and abroad. Her fine art prints hang in institutions and private collections throughout the world, but above all, she captures the emotion of nature and brings it to viewers, readers and listeners.

Connie and Nicholas

Atrtist's Statement ~ Connie Bransilver

I want to conspire with the viewer to tell a story in one captured moment. We are each involved. The viewer’s life’s experience shapes his response to what he sees. My curiosity, patience, timing and knowledge of the subject bring an enigmatic instant to life, Cartier-Bresson’s ‘Critical Moment.’ The image presented on paper or canvas or fabric is unchanging, archival, but the interpretation can be unique to each viewer, and even different each time it is viewed. It is that multi-layered story that I aim to tell.

Thus, using the best possible camera and field techniques, mastering the plays of natural light and shadow, I present the story my mind saw. Mine is not a computer-based art. It is the art of the natural world and of the heart.

If, as I believe, photographs are self-portraits of the artist’s vision, then mine are emotional, clean and clear and straight forward images of light, light as color, light as heat, light as the very essence of life. And they are invariably joyful. A photograph is captured light, captured life in color, vibrant and lively, or muted and serene, or light stripped of color and presented as heat, life itself sculpted by an invisible hand.

With me, silence the cacophony and isolate one element. Let the static recede for now. Experience simplicity, elegance, serenity or pure joy in being.



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