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Free Verse


Sledgehammer Momma Blues


Sledgehammer Momma's feeling a tad poorly
ever since the UFO slightly shaved her point.
I'd bake her something endearing
but the County Commissioner
ruled me Half Baked,
and unable to follow through
on such grand designs.

Sledgehammer Momma must have the feisty
arthritis settling in.
She goes to pick up her weapon
and you can sure hear
the creaks rise.

Darlin' Spunky and Upright Uptight Uriah
want to put Sledgehammer Momma
in a cohabitation assignation
but Sledgehammer Momma isn't buying

The Government just gave a controversial oil company
a license to drill in Sledgehammer Momma's

I go about nobody's business
ruminating and culminating
to the sighing rhythm section
in Sledgehammer Momma's

The fertile Earth
is tired of sprouting up angry children.
You begin seeing them
everywhere you hope you get your turn.

The sanctimonious and the acrimonious
just continually play it copious
while Sledgehammer Momma
shakes with nervous attentive tension,
her left hand on the Holy Escape Clause.

Matinee Idols shouldn't be too overtly idle
when Sledgehammer Momma is requisitioned
to somersault through all ideologues
hovering around the magic
of I Hope You Mean It This Time For Real

The fiddler is calling me now.
I'd love to stay sane and chat.
The angry children forget their cues.
Sledgehammer Momma grabs her Wave.

Florence, Oregon: 4/17/2011



Chris Gaffney


Mi Vida Loca
silent partner
get off my back lucy
six nights a week
waltz for minnie
they made a mistake
quiet desperation
psychotic girlfriend
mi vida loca
so tried to be me









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