Rohini Gupta, India and Tomislav Maretić, Croatia




Yotsumono Renku


Too Busy


lilacs in bloom...
the bicycle repairman
too busy   /t

the small island
an hours walk all around   /r

when I approach
the cat jumps out
of the dumpster   /t

an eagle glides away
into the blue   /r



Flowery Dresses


spring breeze...
the street is full of
flowery dresses   /t

the corner tea stall
crowded on Monday morning   /r

among so many
scattered unknown faces
she smiles at me   /t

endless snow peaks
what lies beyond?   /r



At the Forest's Edge


dusk walkers
at the forest's edge
deer stop to watch   /r

waves of wind rustling
through the corn field   /t

the aroma
of fresh baked bread
from the baker's van   /r

traces of the wheels
disappear along the sand   /t



The City Reappears


morning sunlight
as the smog fades
the city reappears   /r

clatter with the opening
of many little shops   /t

ankle bells
ringing the dancers
tell a story   /r

she whispers something
important behind her fan   t



About Rohini Gupta, India and Tomislav Maretić, Croatia


Rohini Gupta, India:


This is Rohini Gupta's first appearance in Sketchbook.

Tomislav Maretić: Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1951, Tomislav Maretić works in Zagreb as an infectologist on the HIV Ward of the "University Hospital for Infectious diseases".

He has been writing haiku for the past 25 years and the majority of his haiku was published in Marulic - The Magazine of Croatian Literary Society "Saint Jerome". His haiku was published in several national and international periodicals and electronic haiku magazines. He won several awards and honourable mentions on the international haiku contests and his haiku was presented in several international and national haiku anthologies and almanacs.

In 1988, together with Vladimir Devidé and Zvonko Petrovic, he wrote the first
renga in Croatian language and in 1995 the book Renge (Sipar, Zagreb) was
published. He is one among the authors of common, billingual (Croatian/English) haiku
collection Seven Ways (Zagreb, 2000). In 2002 he published the collection of free verse poetry Naplavine.

His first haiku collection The butterfly over the open sea will be published soon („in spe“).

He lives in Gornje Vrapce, a little village near Zagreb on the foot of Medvednica mountain, with his wife Ana and four children (12, 16, 18, 19).

   Tomislav Maretić, CR                                    Rohini Gupta, IN








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