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Sunney Poyner, US



Inspired by Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind.'



Caught up in my own.
Blinded with the fear.
Hearing myself groan.
Death and sin so near.

Unable to save myself.
Loved ones failing fast.
Faith put on a shelf,
Having thought it wouldn't last.

Suddenly the urge.
Praying once again.
Begging, help this scourge.
Save me from my sin.

Then whoa! His light shines again!
Him: so unfailingly near.
I remember, remember, and he sends
His peace – Oh Prince! – so clear.

Now the world settles down
From its orbit in my head.
Stress slipping to the ground
Suddenly my fear...dead?

Confident in Him
No matter what they say.
My only duty – love! In the din,
As devils come today.

Confidence: no matter what the world
Tries to throw my way,
I can always, forever see
Heaven! in the bright light of day.



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