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Richard Ilnicki, US


Free Verse

Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami March 2011

In this hidden hungry mouth
below the surface of the earth
there are people; their eyes
are slanted,
but they taste the same
as those who had been fried
by the heat of a bomb
a long long time ago.
This time, however,
they are our friends!
and we will do
whatever is necessary
to free them
from the unfriendly jaws
of an untimely death.
So, let us honor them
on our knees
lest we likewise be swallowed
by the willy-nilly appetite
of providence.



God Dropped the Bomb


My God
It seems you dropped a bomb on me,
Some algebraic equation
Divided by fear and multiplied by pride,
Some exponential calculation of sin.

You shook me
With the quake of Hiroshima
And the melting wax of Nagasaki.

When I saw the red flare of sky burst
The ceiling of the universe
And witnessed plastic prosthetics
Melt inside the flame
And drop to earth like phantom limbs

I knew I was mired in trouble,
Not up to my knees, but over my head.
So I turned myself on myself
And confessed
My hell-bound
Born in a habitation
Reserved rightfully for me
And found perfect shelter
Beneath your outstretched wings of mercy.



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Richard Ilnicki, US: Health club manager, personal trainer, bible teacher, father, grandfather, husband.









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