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Mark Dohle, US


Free Verse



Coldness protects the heart,
though in the end it imprisons,
for pain and love
waltz together
as the years wind down
and life takes it toll.

Is it not glorious,
wonderful beyond all telling,
that we can love,
our hearts expanding,
until yes
they break and the tears flow.

Some fear this,
yet what would life be like
without this warmth,
the loss;
would it be worth the struggle (?),
for in the end,
the image we are made in
is simply Love.

Though it takes a life time to learn
to love without fear,
we are called to become masters
in embracing life,
not fearing,
and yes
never giving up hope.

No one said it would be easy,
nothing that is important,
central and necessary,
and soul forming ever is.









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