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Joseph Farley, US


Free Verse

the state of things


I weep for the world.
I see it in sin and sorrow
and know that I am of it
and both part of
the trouble
and part of the hope,
for there is hope.
it may hide under
a basket
or in the dark
of a cave
in the desert,
but it is there
waiting to be found
and understood.



Praise to the decorator


the furniture of existence
is constantly on the move.
walking and running.
crawling, taking wing.

never solid or stationary.
always being and not being,
here and there,
nowhere, now,
back again.

what infinite taste
was required
to select such items
and arrange them in the void?

how great is this nothing
misnamed God!
together let us grow
in unbeing together,
humble and meditating
on everything
or nothing at all.



Listen up


The television set
Is not on fire.
It only appears
To be a burning bush.

The voice booming forth
Belongs not to God,
And the commandments
Need not be obeyed.

Rush not out
To buy the new

Fear not the wrath
Of the car dealer
Or the weatherman.

Football and sitcoms
May constitute
In your house
Or among
Dedicated fans,

But the pigskin
Or the wine glass
Lifted on high
On the screen
Is not holy

As the wine and bread
You can see and receive
At the Sunday show
You usually sleep to late
To see.









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