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Evic Kraljić, CR


Free Verse



I'm under your arms
as if a frozen shadow
Trembling from splendour
while you enter chambers
of my heart
As I give over my soul to you
I emerge from all the depths
of black omens
All the fears shine to me
in the colors of love
while I'm spreading myself
behind your paces
Beyond your heart I listen
to the flickers of eternity
Spellbound I'm diving
into Your reality my Lord



About Evica Kraljić


Evica Kraljić was born on February 18, 1952. She lives in Croatia. She writes haiku, poetry; so far she published four books of poetry and a collection of warstories. Her novels have been published in the magazines and her poetry in joint collections, as well. Some of her poems have been put to music. She received a number of awards for the work.









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