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Free Verse

GRACE and the LAMB Painting by Mitchell Tolle, Berea, KY*


Grace, so young with eyes beyond your years,
Your face shows no tears or fears.
What does the future hold?
Is it true what Simeon foretold?

Behold, this child is destined for the fall and ......

Grace, you hold him gently I see,
ready to yield to his destiny.
Grace, be brave and bold.
The future has yet to unfold.

for a sign that shall be contradicted.......

Grace, you wear a hood of tulip red;
he a thorny crown shedding red.

But thy own soul a sword shall pierce

Grace, is this the one?
For whom the Baptist was a witness?

Behold the Lamb of God......

Grace what are you thinking now,
holding this lamb so gently now?
The time has come to let him go
as the future was foretold.

that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed....

Grace, you set Him free,
your separate paths to follow
unto that hill of desolation
our salvation your only consolation.

All mankind shall see the salvation of God....

Grace, gently you nestle him in your arms.
Tenderly you draw him to your heart.
Grace, you are not forsaking him.
Your warmth and tenderness will comfort him.

Looking at him one last time
before setting him free,
Grace, he’ll remember you
for all eternity.

Grace, you are only a child
so young to feel the pain.
I fear your eyes hide the tears
of the unfolding years.

Grace, your love he did remember
your warmth comforting him
his gift he gave us willingly,
the gift we call grace.

For I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

It’s Easter now, Alleluia.
His rising we celebrate,
his gift to us of eternal life.
Our thanks to you for his gift of grace.

GRACE, our Pieta
in these Berean hills.

*This is a painting of a young girl wearing a red hood and a white shawl while holding a lamb in her arms.









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