Tracy McPherson, US



Free Verse


The Tapestry


Looking at all the yarns and colors
the novice weaver wondered where to start.
the instructor said be innovative,
weave the story of your life.
oh, she thought the blues of summer
and spring and the streaked blues of autumn
the blue grays of storm laden winter skies.
water and the heart wrenching blue of reefs
and the deep shades of blue water sailors and fishermen know,
surf blues and greens, seaweed and turtle green.
oh, the sage green of the desert and deep green of hay
Yellows, Daffodils, black-eyed susans, Sunflowers.
autumn leaves turning to burnished gold and bronze
wine reds, brought back thoughts of spring and summer
roses, pinks and reds, first blush of young love and the
the deep reds of passion and strength.
jewel tones and pastels, lavenders and purples,
metallics, silver, bronze, copper and gold.
so many colors, then there were textures,
curly, soft and silky, wiry and rough.
later, much later the piece yet to be completed
a basket of yarn sat on the floor
more color more texture than could be warped on a loom.
the tapestry of her life



Ghost Love


Said he was a sailor, seen a thousand ports
his smile as intoxicating as the brandy he shared.
“My Lady, I’ve met a lot of people and forgotten many
but there is nothing about you that I ever want to forget.
I have known you for a thousand lifetimes and I will love you
for a thousand more.
“Walk with me to my ship in the harbor, she’s not far.”
Arm in arm they strolled the cobblestones as the mist rolled in.
Gazing at one another, the ships bell interrupting their reverie.
He hailed a carriage and caressed her face as they kissed.
“I have known you for a thousand lifetimes and I will love you
for a thousand more” his voice carried across the mist.



Old Beau


mist hanging 'round
not enough to be fog
light sparkles
does not take form
kinda like this thing
with you and I
it sometimes sparkles
but never really ignites





Oh, you were on the spot
when they invited me too,
I had thought to decline
but then I saw your look of discomfort
were you concerned that the why
of my rarely speaking to you might be revealed?
Three of us know and you have been forgiven
the Father said so you went to confession
“forgive me Father, I introduced my neighbor
as the stupid bitch next door”
“say three Hail Marys and sin no more.”
Not that easy with me, you see
I was taught as a child to avoid weasels
mongoose and snakes.
They are not to be trusted.
However, I forgive you
for being in this category.



Lost Colors


You, my Dear Friend,
I cherished our laughter Our times together
working and occasionally playing, I thought enjoying life
through family trauma, drama, laughter, love
And your devastating affair
I stood by offering whatever lifeline I had at hand
one day you let me know that I was less than you
my life was an adventure ups and downs
hills and thrills following my heart
Just another middle-aged divorcee,
an ordinary working woman, a sales assistant
Ahh, but my tapestry has a multitude of shimmering Colors,
a palette perhaps only seen By artists, lovers, adventurers.
dark caves, glorious storm tossed shores,
surf so blue it breaks your heart.
mossy places with tall trees and babbling brooks.
fountains in the center of the square
pigeons are fed and beggars wait quietly with their bowls.
all the pageantry of life fills My life, my heart, my memory.
colors I give life with words of my adventures and mis-adventures
you have a blank page, dated, matted
and mounted in a gilded frame









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