Stella Armour, UK




Double Acrostic




Flowers given oF
Love are beautifuL
Opening soft petals tO
Welcome the sun to shoW
Everybody that springtimE
Really is the best time of yeaR





Yellow flowers swaY
Enveloped in sunshinE
Little faces are cheerfuL
Loveliness can be a petaL
Or stems blowing to and frO
Wild plants give a lovely shoW





Emits peacE
Really tendeR
Enduring carE
Nurturing theN
Encouraging lovE





Hearts are where we cherisH
Each much loved person in lifE
A piece of music maybe a sonatA
Remembrance of a special summeR
The emotions of a lifetime that we felT
Sweet memories all stored in our heartS



About Stella Armour, UK


My name is Stella Armour and I live in Yorkshire, England. I have been writing poetry for two and a half years, also I enjoy music and painting.

This is Stella Armour's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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