Shanna Baldwin Moore, US






writing adventure
only you have the key
to open a new mind
and to full fill it with
the wonder of the world



sprigs of rosemary
on the embers
of last night's campfire
sweet smoke mingles
with the mountains' mist





demi god Maui
suspends the sun
above the crater.....
on the edge of wonder
the new day stands still



Free Verse




sweet smelling
white tobacco
the magic of three puffs
 one in prayer
   another for intentions
     the last a thank you

a cup of black medicine
a blessing and a poem

an old timer's empty bottle
refilled from the vat
of fresh fruit juices....
God has turned to wine

a Hoe down
on the high hill
Pele has awakened
we sing to her




on the sixth day
of the six month
in the sixth year
in the twenty first century
I met the devil
in the laundry room
not only were his shorts dirty
but his mouth
short circuited
and his finger shook
in a rage
of his own making
his static still clings
cloying me back
to that day...
this smell
of fabric softener
and brimstone



Pathway of the Gods


Kealekekua Bay
Houses swept a way
by the force of a wave
houses lean rubbish strewn
the beach boy's house
that people rented
to swim with the dolphins
a twist of Karma...
now the dolphins
swim in it
under the roof
floating in the bay

the sea captain's
donkey is safe
his canoe on the ocean
turns away from the shoreline
searching for safe passage
but he's not there to guide it

Kyaks for the tourist
floating tossed by the sea
the dolphins play
the ocean
she gives
and she takes away



 Pele is all wet


a dark storm
has settled
in the high places
dripping down
smothering the breath
heart pounding
water seeking its own level
smothering even Pele
she smolders
and spews dark ash

radioactive particles
pushed higher
into the stratosphere
no match for Pele
and her radiant glow





wind rattles
the iron roof
the old ones shudder





the six o'clock
bad news
every day



the old pharos
in their endless sleep
protected by protesters





perfect summer day
the sun is out
birds are sing'n
there's cold beer in the cooler
and the lawnmower is broken



Shanna Baldwin Moore, USThree Taiga: walking up the mountain; Kealekekua Bay; rumbling from Pele's belly

Shanna Baldwin Moore, USFree Verse Haiga: he watches at night

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