Rohini Gupta, India and Tomislav Maretić, Croatia




Yotsumono Renku


Too Busy


lilacs in bloom...
the bicycle repairman
too busy   /t

the small island
an hours walk all around   /r

when I approach
the cat jumps out
of the dumpster   /t

an eagle glides away
into the blue   /r



Flowery Dresses


spring breeze...
the street is full of
flowery dresses   /t

the corner tea stall
crowded on Monday morning   /r

among so many
scattered unknown faces
she smiles at me   /t

endless snow peaks
what lies beyond?   /r



At the Forest's Edge


dusk walkers
at the forest's edge
deer stop to watch   /r

waves of wind rustling
through the corn field   /t

the aroma
of fresh baked bread
from the baker's van   /r

traces of the wheels
disappear along the sand   /t



The City Reappears


morning sunlight
as the smog fades
the city reappears   /r

clatter with the opening
of many little shops   /t

ankle bells
ringing the dancers
tell a story   /r

she whispers something
important behind her fan   t



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This is Rohini Gupta's first appearance in Sketchbook.

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