Michael Lee Johnson, US




Free Verse


Lost in a Distant Harbor


once beside me


lost in a
distant harbor

calls out into the night
crawls back into the fog.




A Willow Branch


Break in the rain
storm goes away
a bitter family chat,
dicey, slicing
dagger of words—
stand still-
a willow branch




Witches and Queen


I love the walk of the isle
into your brain cells.

I’m rolling heart ache
in a lover’s night.

I stand on solid ground.
You preach to me,
I find you there:
you scream out,
“I’m witches and queen.”




One Day Words


One day here
then you go.
Light, moods,
speculation, depression
day by day—
then you go.
Rivers, streams,
go dry.
Simple words.




A Patch of Green


A four way traffic stop,
a patch of green turf
squared-off in the median,
where a blackbird pecks
for a worm box-lunch,
goes unnoticed,
rush hour traffic
passes by,
another day.










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