John Daleiden, US




Urban Haiku Sequence


...Living in Paradise...
Phoenix, Arizona: April 2011


in the glass building façade

sunrise, sunset…

plugging up
the roof drain pipe

a jenny wren’s nest

yapping from the rooftop

poodle on a chain

a Cactus Wren
nesting in a saguaro

view from the tenth floor

outside my building
the thump, thump of basketballs

apartment dwelling

at the dumpster
two divers collect a meal

blackbirds circle

sidewalk cafe-
getting a morning jolt
before work

all day
riding the Metro Light Rail

a homeless man

relentless rap beats
pound from an auto boom box

air pollution

red lights flashing
in my rearview mirror

nowhere to stop

bumper to bumper...
on the six lane freeway
a beggar walks by

on every block
new for sale signs

foreclosure paradise

smog alert

perhaps it is Indians
who hide the mountains

red traffic lights
in all four directions
power failure

late for work

an overpass jumper
gridlocks traffic

stuck between floors
in an elevator
her passionate kiss

scent of coffee
in the office canteen

one day left
on the old calendar…
office closed

“donate your coins
to the needy victims…”
unemployment line

a street corner
flower girl sells red roses

happy birthday!

in the ER
rows of air crash victims

triage in the streets

at the airport
all flights cancelled

travelers sleep standing

hours after
the last call for drinks

sirens in the streets

red, yellow, green

in the night silence
a traffic light

the night desert air
a relief from daytime sun

awake before dawn

at first light
a streetsweeper cleans the street

the twitter of birds



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