Jasvinder Singh, IN



Free Verse


She And I


I fancied her virtues
Feel elated for her
Image that dwelled
In my heart
For all her good
I could think of
Emotions exalted
I thought of many
Good things
I could do
When she desired
I also thought of
How she might feel
To observe my sentiments
Towards her
And what pleasure
She might get
To know
What I intend to do
For her
But still there was
A lot of confusion
For her fancy
I felt nonplussed
When not able to guess
Of her thoughts
And feelings.
Her reciprocations
Her sharing of joy
Her reflexes I conveyed
By way of action
And end of it
When I get her call
She lets me know
That she attaches
Significance to her
Thinking about me.
She gives an inkling of
Her feelings
Of my worthiness towards her
And her sincerity
To understand
My feelings for her
And what I expect
In the form of incessant
And reciprocal feelings
It is indeed fiddle give and take
Between we two.



Elusions All The Way


Many ruminating thoughts
Occur to my mind
I ransack my inner self
I retreat into the past
To judge my whole self.
Life is shorn of its jewels
The truth, its pleasure
Elude time and again.
I look back to recall the memories
Of time bygone.
Time changes its stance
As a command of mother nature.
World will be different;
A new chapter in life opens.
With each passing phase
Lack of love and happiness
Make me nonplussed.
I look into the sky
In search of requiem
From monotony
And melancholy.
But, infinite hollowness
Scaling the heights of heavens
I face elusions,
Elusions all the way.



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